Notebooks VS Digital Productivity tools: Which are better and why!

Our lives are flooded with digital productivity tools. From to do lists to full blown all in one productivity suits and systems there is something for everyone.

But are they really the ideal solutions to our productivity hustles?

Online or digital productivity systems and tools are fine in you need to collaborate with others they are not ideal though for personal projects, mindfulness and stress free creative workflows.

Actually online productivity tools might prevent you from being creative and productive!

But Why? Because of two reasons you many never have thought of but are real.

Reason Number One: Too Many Steps For action

Great Ideas begin with a thought. Usually those thoughts and creative ideas though have a very short lifespan in our brains so we need to write them down or note them in order to preserve them and take action on them.

Here are the two main choices we currently have available:

The non-ideal way: Digital notetaking and productivity Tools.

Usually if you want to take a note of an idea in order to preserve using a digital tool you need to do the following steps:

  • Find your Device ( and hope it’s charged )
  • Unlock it
  • Bypass all distracting notifications
  • Find your note taking app
  • Load it
  • Create a note
  • Start typing
  • Save it

As you can see a simple note needs at least 8 steps in order to be saved.  That does not sound productive at all, right?

Lets see the better alternative

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The Ideal Way: An everyday carry notebook

In this case in order to save your creative ideas you need just these steps

  • Find Your notebook
  • Find a blank page
  • Start writing

Mind = BLOWN! See? We just saved 5 whole steps, a ton of time and who knows what else.

So if productivity is your goal, what would you choose? Think about it. For me, it’s notebook all the way!

But there is more. Keep reading

Reason Number Two: Distractions

I have done this sooooo many times. I mean…. so many times it’s just ridiculous.

  • I open my phone to take a note.
  • I see a notification of Sally doing something on Insta. Hey What is Sally doing? Again? Lets see!
  • I open up Insta.
  • 14 minutes and 32 seconds later I remember I needed to take a note.
  • Wait. What was that thing I needed to take a note of again?
  • Nah never mind. Here is a cat photo! Let’s keep scrolling!

I believe you get the point.

There are simply too many distractions ( or creative roadblocks as I call them ) that can totally take you off track. And it simply …. Sucks.

Hey! That’s me designing! Creative mess at it’s finest!

This is why I decided to sit down, and create a series of notebooks that can:

  • Always be with me as an everyday carry
  • Are light and practical
  • Have a lot of space for all my creative ideas, sketches and thoughts
  • Are easy to use
  • Are also beautiful ( hey if I am going to use them every single day they better be pretty! )

So after 6 months of testing, designing and refining I found the ideal shape, size and build for a notebook that can help me stay super productive & creative with zero distractions.

And I use them every single day., And soon you will be able to use them yourself.

How you might ask?

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Cheers !
Stratos A.

( Ps. Cliffhanger. I know. But it’s better that getting Rick Rolled. Right? 🙂 )[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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